Summer Season Musicals Return With Shows And Workshops

“I suggest, ‘Carousel,’ we have the snow children,” Doudt stated. “And I think we have individuals in our program from age 8 to 70. And, naturally, ‘Mary Poppins’ will use children in that, also.”

Ticket sales for RSM events return into the company, funding future programs or place expenses.

“We work in combination with the Rockwall Independent School District for using the Performing Arts Center in the summer,” Doudt said. “Obviously, that is a substantial cost, but they have been very helpful with working with us. However yes, all our cash goes back into making it work, getting all the rights which things.”

Doudt suggests that those interested in finding out more about the company and its occasions, or in assisting the RSM from off-stage, call the group by means of

“We are always looking for individuals to come assist us,” Doudt said. “Right now we are a non-profit company and any assistance we can get is welcome. They can concern our programs and tell individuals there that they are interested, however generally go on the internet or call our number and somebody will react.”

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