Home Mortgage Rate Of Interest Deduction Unneeded For House PossessionOwn A Home: Letter To The Editor

According to Anne Nesses letter regarding the mortgage passion reduction, (A great fix for budget friendly real estate, March 24), it is worth keeping in mind that Canada does not, and has never ever allowed, a tax obligation deduction for residence mortgage interest; yet their residence ownership rate is 66 percent, inning accordance with Statistics Canada, while the United States price is 64 percent, inning accordance with the United States Demographics.

HB2006, which is a costs to omit home mortgage tax deductions on tripvacationing houses, and on homes whose proprietors specific earnings is $100,000 yearly ($200,000 for couples), is a costs to sustain in order to assist address our housing crisis.

Contact your lawmakers at www.oregonlegislature.gov.

Susan Bexton, Southwest Rose city