Get Your Kids To School Or Keep Your Task? Moms And Dads’ Tension Over Transportation

A new study from HopSkipDrive, a ride service for kids, found that 27 percent of parents feel like they have actually put their task at danger in order to satisfy their kids transport needs. Forty percent say that their work schedule is impacted at least when a week due to needing to shuttle their kids around, and 44 percent of parents state they invest 5 or more hours a week driving their kids.

Thirty-five percent of parents even say that handling their kids school and extracurricular transport is more stressful than filing their taxes.

The survey, conducted through Google Consumer Studies, sought advice from 1,001 working moms and dads with kids in between the ages of 6 and 17. Janelle McGlothlin, co-founder and CMO of HopSkipDrive, wasnt amazed by many of the results, having once existed herself.

My two co-founders and I have 8 kids in between us, and we began HopSkipDrive to fix our own problem of getting them to all their various activities, McGlothlin stated. We were actually having a hard time as working moms and dads, and we knew great deals of households could relate. We did this survey to see how big is this issue and the lengths that parents are prepared to go to get their kids where they requirehave to be.

One fact that did shock McGlothlin was that 47 percent of moms and dads say their work schedule has actually prevented their child from getting involvedtaking part in an extracurricular activity. Evidently, this problem of balancing work life and childrens schedules does not simply impact moms and dads, however also kids.

So lots of extracurricular occasions occur during prime work hours, stated McGlothlin. Sometimes it just isn’t possible to obtain them there, even if you do carpooling which can break down at the last minute if someone gets sick or cant make it.

Seven percent of families reported that their carpool plans fall through as soon as a week.

Kelly Aluise, a real estate agent and mother of 2, stated that though her task enablespermits flexible hours, there have actually been lots of times when getting her young child to school or to an occasion has actually disrupted her work.

Guy account for 45 percent of the driving, and females are at 49 percent– so mothers and dads are bring the burden pretty equally.

My spouse cant leave his task and so it constantly fell on me, said Aluise. It was consistent balancing and consistent failing. I was late for or missing work at least as soon as a week, so I wasnt able to obtain as much done and often Id be [running late] and my bad kid would be standing on the street corner waiting for 45 minutes while I was stuck in traffic.

Aluise even relied on having her daughter help her with work tasks while in the vehicle.

Id have [eight-year-old] Emma calling from the vehicle to establish consultations for appraisals, said Aluise. She was my little assistant. It was cute, but it wasnt effective.

Its not simply moms who are stressed out over managing both their work and their childs transport, however also fathers.

Men [represent] 45 percent of the driving and women are at 49 percent, so mommies and dadsmother and fathers are bring the problem pretty equally, said McGlothlin.

A trip service like HopSkipDrive is one solution to the issue, if you can manage it. McGlothlin says that rates are based on time and range, which the minimum price for service is $16, and accommodates children aged 6 to 17. The business likewise permitsenables users to develop carpools among buddies, which brings the price down.

Lenna Monte, a health education manager and mom of two young ladiesgirls, suggests getting as much as you can done the night before taking your kids to school.

Have lunches packed, clothing selectedchose, and get up before your kid so you have time to obtain prepared before youre directing them, said Monte, who includes that getting your child his/her own alarm clock can conserve you time tryingaiming to wake them up every morning.

Lots Of Parents Put Their Infants To Oversleep Unsafe Environments, Video Study Discovers

For almost 25 years, pediatricians and other health authorities have actually been cautioning moms and dads about the dangers of hazardous sleep environments for their babies. Parents are told to prevent putting their infants to sleep on their stomach or side and to make sure the child’s sleep surface area is difficult and complimentarydevoid of loose bedding.Taking those actions, say the professionals, lowers the threat of sudden baby death syndrome( SIDS), along with accidental suffocation and strangulation.Yet, many parents are apparently disregarding such recommendations, as a research study published today in the journal Pediatrics reports.The research study found that even when parents had been informed about safe sleep environments for children as well as when they knew they were being video-recorded, they frequently put their children to oversleep risky ways.That’s an uncomfortable finding. Each year in the United States, more than 3,500 infants die all of a suddendrop dead and unexpectedly from no right away apparent cause, according to the Centers for Illness Control and Avoidance. In 2014, 44 percent of these cases were ultimately associated to SIDS and 25 percent to unintentional suffocation and strangulation in bed. The causes of the other unanticipated deaths remain unknown.More objective evidence For the existing research study, scientists at Penn State University recruited the parents of 162 infants who had been born in 2 central-Pennsylvania healthcare facilities. The parents consented to having video equipment established in their homes on 3 separate nights when their infants were 1, 3 and 6 months old. Although all 162 houses were videoed a minimum of once, only 142 were recorded at all of the research study’s 3 time points.

Parents Want Child’s Murder Fixed

WASHINGTON (WUSA9)– There are 3,500 cold cases in DC going back to 1960 and there are just 6 detectives and one sergeant designated to close them.One case that continues to be unsolved is the murder of Charnice Milton. Cops say the reporter was utilized as a human shield in a drive by on Naylor and Good Hope Roadways, Southeast. The shooting took place around 9:30 pm on May 27, 2015. Cops released monitoring video revealing at least 14 guys riding motorcycle in the location, but still the suspects have actually not been caught.In the death of his 27-year-old child, Ken McClenton has actually discovered a new voice, that of a strong supporter for change.There is hope which hope does not come when people stay silent with death of kids

or ones that they love, it comes when they come out to light and state Im ill of this, McClenton said.Hope is what McClenton stated his child gave her brand name of reporting, concentrating on the great in her neighborhood East of the River. In essence you desire to reveal finest in humanity and provide individuals duty to measure up to that best thats what news is all about, he explained.Hope is also exactly what these mourning parents still have. Uplifted by an honor providedoffered to their child this week at her alma mater: The respected Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University-The Charnice Milton Award for Quality in Community Journalism.We felt it was magnificent providence in the middle of all we were going through, God was lifting us up as soon as more, he said, We were simply extremely happyhappy with our child. Professors met us with tears due to the fact that they actually desiredwished to

see her succeed.But McClenton believes his child did prosper and in death is still giving a voice and a platform for households in her community and households deserving justice.It wont be last time someone sees this pretty face stating that my daughter and all the other 4,000 of her ilk needhave to be avenged, he said.McClenton will lobby city board and the mayor for moneying to add more cold case detectives. We are still waiting on a response from the authorities department, mayors workplace and the city board chair

State Failing On Granting Fast Hearings In DCF Cases

Low-income parents are waiting days or even weeks to object to the removal of their kids by child security officials since of a lack of lawyers available to represent them in Juvenile Court, judges and legal representatives say.

State law guarantees households a hearing within 72 hours of the removal of a child, as a critical first check on the power of the state to get rid of kids based upon claims of abuse or overlook.


More Moms And Dads Now Claim Parapro Abused Children

CONYERS, Ga.– New details has surfaced on accusations of child abuse inside a Rockdale County elementary school.More moms and dads

, now, are stepping forward accusing the very same class teachers assistant of abusing their children.It was earlier this week when 11Alive reported about a 5-year-old special needs child hanged high on a hook from his belt-loops because school.Now the teachers assistant accountable might be arrested and

charged with child ruthlessness-and more.Parents of unique needs kids are telling the constable that enough is enough.The Rockdale County Sheriffs Workplace is now investigating two different cases of possible kid abuse and allegations versus the same teachers assistant-a paraprofessional-at Shoal Creek Elementary School.His abuse can not be pardoned, Michael Patrick Dontfraid said.He and Kenonda Dontfraid initially raised warnings more than a year and a half ago about the parapro working

in the classroom of their boy, Lyon, who has autism.The primary emailed them

then with a promise to correct their concerns, quickly.Since then an e-mail trail has actually grown informing a story of continuing problems about the parapro and the unique education program. Some were solved- others were not.But they stated they never dreamed the parapro may have ever

harmed their boy physically up until they heard that the exact same one was caught in early May by the principal.He had actually hanged a 5-year-old special requirements student on a hook – high above the floor-from his belt loops.According to the constables initial report, the principal stated when he strolled into the classroom, the instructor and the other parapro were standing seeing the event happen and chucklingmaking fun of the student.The Dontfraids asked their son if anybody at the school had actually hurt him and they said he described that exact same parapro.Grabbed him by

the arms and pressed him up versus the wall to the point where it harmed him, Kenonda, Lyons mom, said.And he was afraid to tell us because he remained in problem currently, so he didnt say

anything. He didnt want to enter problem at home.It hurt him, it caused physical pain, Kather Carter said.Carter said her special-needs child, Charlie, came housegot back 3 times complaining that the parapro had harmed him.She said it took her months to obtain the administration to react. Lastly, in February, the primary offered to move Charlie from the parapros classroom.

But he did not get rid of the parapro.The problem is, he was still there

, Carter said.Nothing was ever stated or done to him.But my child had actually to be transferred to a different classroom.A spokesperson with the superintendents workplace stated she can not discuss why the school did not get rid of the parapro sooner since she has actually not yet had the ability to verify that there were earlier complaints about him.The constable desireswishes to finddiscover exactly what administrators and personnel knewunderstood about the parapro when they understood it.The main thing that we desire to do is ensure that there is credibility to this problem, Rockdale

CountySheriffs Office spokesperson Michael Meyers stated. From there, we will discover out if there are other occurrences in reference to [this], has this occurred in the past, or any events like this.Im crying for my boy today because I

seem like I failed him, MichaelDontfraid said.Because I didnt recognize exactly what was going on. I might have done something else.

However if you have trust in someone, how can you think that theyre harming you?The parapro has actually been fired. We haven’t yet been able to reach him for comment.The sheriffs office said charges versus him possibly include kid cruelty while anybody at the school who understood about it and did absolutely nothingnot did anything could be charged with cannot report kid abuse.

City To Fine Moms And Dads Of Bullies

A new regulation in the City of Shawano, Wis. is going to make moms and dads more aware of how their children are acting to other kids. According to Green Bay TELEVISION station WFRV, the city wont only be punishing the bully, theyre going to penalize the bullys moms and dads.

Moms And Dads Emerge Over Latin Academy Closure

ATLANTA– The moms and dads at this meeting were visibly shaking, begging the board to keep this school open and let their kids thrive.Shame on you, one annoyed parent screamed to the board. Look at yourself in the mirror. I hope you rest tonight. I hope you rest well this evening understanding what you # 39; ve done to these children.The school bells at Latin Academy are falling quiet at the end of the year. The school shuttered after the creator, Chris Clemson, was arrested for apparently embezzling$600,000 from the charter school in 2015. Chris Clemson is not the only person who ought to be sitting behind bars, an upset attendee said.

You ought to be right there with him. You have actually tossed our children to the wolves. Our kids are being thrown to the wolves.Parents blamed the board just as much as its founder for the school closing. Everybody who spoke at the conference

said the board did absolutely nothingnot did anything to help.You # 39; re incorrect and youre dirty, one said. I told them today, they cleaned this table for you and they must have left it dirty because you # 39; re just as dirty as the table.But board members protected their choice saying they care about the school and the students. They said they simply had no other options.Quite honestly we just weren # 39; t meeting the objectives we neededhad to meet to remain in compliance with the district, one board member said.That does little for parents who stated they # 39; re sicktired of the excuses.We all care, one parent stated. You wear # 39; t. Goodbye.The charter school stated they will deal with moms and dads to discover them new schools within the district.( 2016 WXIA)

Ask Dr. NerdLove: My Racist Parents Dislike My Sweetheart

Dear Dr. NerdLove,

My letter today is about a lot of difficult subjects: interracial relationships, hazardous families, and living in the South. I might actually use your guidance about all three.I am a Thirty Years old white guy presently dating a 27 year old gal who is mixed-race, who I’ll call ‘D’D and I have been dating for about eight months now, and things have been actually good between us. I have actually constantly been open to dating people of different races, so that was never ever an aspect for me.My family, on the other hand, has constantly been versus interracial dating. When I initially began delicately dating D, they came back at me with their typical problems whenever I dated beyond my race. “Think of your future children!”, “I don’t think it’s right”, and the worst one: “I don’t desire any black people in my household”I informed them, candidly, that it was my life and my decision, and honestly, I didn’t care what they thought.Since then, they have actually

mostly been quiet about the subject, but it still shows up from time to time. They’ve met D, and are good to her … however I do not knowhave no idea if they truly accept her. Nor have they ever accepted the idea of me getting married or having kids with somebody who isn’t really white.Since D and I are now months into a severe relationship, I knew I had to talk with her about my parents, and their shitty worldview. She comprehends why I kept quiet about it at initiallyinitially. Most of all, D was hurt at how my moms and dads might be nice to her openly, however then independently be so negative about us dating, particularly since her own household has been so accepting of me.My gf then informed me that if this is how my moms and dads continue to feel, that she would desire no part of them, especially if we get wed and have children. I told her I agree with her, however would attempt and talk with my moms and dads one last time.My concern, Dr. NerdLove, is how do I make my folks comprehend that race should not be a problem? Or, if worse pertains to even worse, make them comprehend if they continue

to feel that way, that I will remove them from my life? I desire both my moms and dads and D in my life, however if push concerns push, I’m supporting my partner, and not my moms and dads’ lousy opinions.Also, if any commenters have suggestions or experience with similar problems, I would value hearing from them.Thanks, Household And Race I do not blame your girlfriend for being distressed, FAR; there’s an unique sort of gutting sensation when someone is polite to your face and dreadful behind your back. Understanding that your folks are holding these beliefs–

even as they do the Southern thing of placing on their polite

faces when she’s around and talking shit when she leaves– can actually do a number on someone. Unfortunately, however, there’s very little you can do about your parents’beliefs. If there is one universal guideline, FAR, it’s that you cannot control how other individualsother individuals believe or feel. Assholes are going to ass, and you cannot force them to not be assholes. Similarly, you can’t compel your parents to stop being racists.

The only people who can do that is, well, them.

Moms And Dads, Children Stunned After Discovering St. Patrick Catholic School Will Close

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) -Parents and students in Phenix City remain in shockafter finding out a regional personalindependent school is closing its doors just a couple years after re-building it.St.Patrick Catholic School on 40th Street lost its main building in a fire two years ago, and the neighborhood rallied around the school, helping raise money to give it its fresh start.Thursday afternoonafter the school day ended, instructors,
students and their moms stood in the primary structure, overwhelmed by the abrupt announcement they received on Wednesday.IfSt. Patricks indeed closes, that will leave St. Anne-Pacelli School as the only Catholic educational organizationuniversity in the area.SamanthaKnipe, mother of threechildren at St. Patrick, said the school has developed a track record for offeringquality, Catholic education for everybody.Thatswhy theyre so sensible and theyre so affordable, Knipe stated tearfully. Theyreally care about these kids.Afterthe initial school building burned down, the neighborhood raised$800,000 to construct the existing facility.Studentslike 5th grader Skylah VinZant said St. Patrick has actually ended up being a 2nd family away from home.I seem like this is a safe location
for the kids to come, and simply have enjoyable and not have bullies or anything like that, she said.RobinBledsoe, mom of a special

needs student enrolled in St. Patrick, doesntwant to move her child to a public school in Phenix City, where she fears he wontbe given the proper care or connectget in touch with his instructors the method he has at his existing school.Hehad currently been denied an assistant,

she stated. Healready is comfy here. He loves his instructors, he knows that they enjoy him, and we wouldve kept him here as long as we could.Parentshad heard rumors of a potential shutdown, but after twoyears of rebuilding from a fire that damaged the traditional building, some feel this decision now leaves a variety of instructors and students with no place delegated go.It honestly does not make a lot of sense to me why good individuals are being penalized, Knipe said.Werethe ones that need to suffer

for it, and these kids need to suffer for it. Which not right.Student ChasePeterson worries dealing with the bullying he received at public school again. He said St. Patrick is the only school thatsbeen willing to assist him discover and grow with his ADHD.Iwas just like everyone

else, Peterson said.The Archdiocese of Mobile sentstaff and instructors at St. Patrick a statement, forbiding them from speaking with any members of the media.Despite dealing with a closing date at the end of this

school year on May 27, Knipe and other worried parents stated they wont offer up the school without a fight.Were essentially pleading with Daddy Jose of St. Patricks Church and the Archdiocese of Mobile to just reevaluate their decisions here, Knipe said.Idont think that they rather understand the effect that this is going to have on a great deal of individuals, she said.Other parents informed WTVM News Leader 9 theyrepreparing a petition, asking the Archdiocese to alter its mind and keep St. Patrick open.TheArchdiocese might not be grabbed remark. The school launched a statement on Friday. You can read it here:

Most Moms And Dads Do Not KnowDo Not Know Their Kids Are Being Cyberbullied, NJ Survey Shows

Cyberbullying against teens may be extensive but lots of moms and dads don’t have much of a hint, according to a new survey from the Tyler Clementi Foundation.

Tyler Clementi dedicated suicide at age 18 after his Rutgers roommate taped his intimate encounter with another male. (Tyler Clementi Foundation) In the survey, which talked with 1,000 teenagers and parents in the New york city City-area, consisting of North and Central Jersey, 48 percent of teenagers said theyve seasoned cyberbullying. Eight in 10 said they a minimum of know somebody whos been a victim. This is a lot, said Sean Kosofsky, executive director

of the foundation, created to raise awareness of and stem the tide of bullying. The foundation is named for the Rutgers University freshman who committed suicide after his intimate encounter with another male was tape-recorded and streamed online by his roomie. Fifty-seven percent of moms and dads said they believe their children would tell them if theyve been bullied, but just a third of teenagers claim thats real. And unlike the bullying that occurs at school, cyberbullying seems happening right under moms and dads noses, according to the study. Over half of teenagers said they spend a minimum of three hours a day online, mainly at homein your home, and while 43 percent would be

horrified if their parents took a look at their smartcell phones, 47 percent of parents admit they never scan their childrens devices. Kosofsky stated hes hoping parents see this newest data and do something with it. Parents requirehave to participate in a two-way discussion with their children about harassment online, and their own behavior online, he stated.

Its an obligation the parents have, as the ones spending for these devices and the services, to engage their young individuals more thoughtfully. In September 2010, 18-year-old Clementi jumped to his death from the George Washington Bridge days after discovering what his roommate had actually done.

He was also the subject of ridicule online, according to the foundation site. The roommate, Dharun Ravi, was founded guilty of 15 charges in 2012 and invested less than a month in jail. Ravi and his lawyers are currently tryingaiming to have his conviction tossedthrown away. Related video: Sign up for New Jersey 101.5 FM on