Burying Labor’s Education Transformation In Walgett

A native work program at engineering groupGHDaimsto enhance the way schools and otherbuildings are designedby askingindigenous neighborhoods exactly what they want.The program aims to move away from the standardised approachexemplified by the previous Labor federal governments Building the Education Revolutionpolicy where schools had to chooseselect from a minimal variety of school structure blueprints.GHD developed publicschools with neighborhood areas available to the publicand huge glass doors that assist indigenous children remain linked to nature in schools in central western NSW after looking for the input of regional native communities.We didnt desirewish to come in as the people in our ivory towers in Sydney and inform them how it need to be.

We desired to investhang around with them and hear what it is like residing in remote neighborhoods, stated James Frost, a GHD job manger.